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Request a feedback page

This post is for requesting a feedback page on eglfeedback
, which is required in order to post on egl_comm_sales. Your feedback page must be linked in every post you make.

  • Please turn ON comment notifications that are sent to your email address. Once your feedback page has been created, we will reply with the link and then screen your comment. This keeps the page neat for other users, but it means that if you check your comment on this page, you will only see your screened request and you won't see our reply at all. If you have email notifications turned on, however, our reply will show up in the email notification.


  • If you don't see your comment here, or if you didn't have email notifications turned on when we replied to your request, please look for your page under the tags, going by the first character of your username (for example, filter with the tag "~e" if your username is "eglfb").

  • Do not use comments for conversation, questions to the mods etc.! If you want any changes made to your page, please comment on your FEEDBACK PAGE or message one of the mods personally! This post is for submitting feedback request forms ONLY.

  • Some users request feedback pages while logged in through Facebook or Twitter. Unfortunately it is technically not possible to create a feedback page for such an account, since it must be connected to a LiveJournal user account.

  • Current wait time for a feedback pages range from 2 weeks to 3 months. Thank you for your patience.

Your LJ name: (Please use small form letters only!)
LJ name you want a feedback page for: Write the name and nothing else. (Should either be identical to your LJ name or another LJ user that you had a transaction with that doesn't have a feedback page!)
Is this linked to an older or different LJ account? If so, which: (If no, please fill in a single hyphen: - )
Additional feedback: **

If you own an Online Shop or Shopping Service:

Website/Shopping Service Account:
Username at old DBS:
Additional Feedback:

** If you wish to have eBay, Etsy, or other external feedback linked from your feedback page, you must include some proof that the account belongs to you, such as placing the phrase "I am ______ on Livejournal" in your profile for that website.

Example of a correctly filled in form (please copy and paste the questions!):

Your LJ name: eglfb
LJ name you want a feedback page for: eglfb
Is this linked to an older or different LJ account? If so, which: -
Additional feedback: -

Things to remember:

  • The old DBS is down. No point linking to this now.

  • Provide proof of former feedback if you want it transferred! This means screencaps of the old DBS, or a freezepage, or something like that.

  • Give us full additional feedback links. Don't say "I have feedback in this journal" or "on eBay under the name xyz". We have to look for it, this costs time. Please link us to the right place!

  • Double check if your link works when you're not logged in. This goes especially for Etsy links. just does not work for outsiders! You have to give us something like For eBay, works.

  • Remember to place a statement of proof in the profile page of any external feedback site you'd like us to add!

Thank you,

The EGLFeedback Moderating Team

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