November 11th, 2011

  • eglmods

Feedback Guidelines

Please note that the following are just meant to be general guidelines as to when a specific sort of feedback should be left. They are not all-encompassing, and we recognize that circumstances can differ wildly in sales transactions. Don't hesitate to contact a moderator for further guidance!

  • Transaction was perfect or near-perfect, only minor things went wrong (e.g. seller took a few days to ship).
  • Transaction was not perfect but seller offered appropriate compensation (e.g. refund to cover the cost of cleaning unstated damages on a dress)

  • Transaction was not perfect, but items were still received (even if shipment took a long time), and were in (more or less) the stated condition.
  • Items are damaged and compensation is somewhat inappropriate (e.g. seller offers a partial refund of $25 for a dress that has a minor tear in the skirt).
  • Items are damaged in a minor way and little or no compensation is offered (e.g. no compensation is offered for a dress that has a penny-sized stain on one of the waist ties).
  • Seller is extremely rude or incommunicative.

  • Transaction was bad, and items were not received or were received in something vastly different from the stated condition.
  • Items were damaged and compensation was grossly inappropriate (e.g. seller offers partial refund of $5 for a stained and torn skirt) or not offered at all.
  • Seller or buyer backed out of transaction after payment information was exchanged (in a sale-style post) or after bids were placed (in an auction-style post).

Finally, please note that the moderators reserve the right to ultimately decide what constitutes "minor damages," "major damages," "unsatisfactory compensation," "appropriate compensation," "not as described," and all other subjective terms mentioned above. Additionally, moderators have the final right to determine whether a feedback should be positive, neutral, or negative.