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Positive: 30
Neutral: 2
Negative: 3

Additional Feedback:

Negatives – 2/5/09 by cherrydust – I replied to this sellers feeler post and was told that I would be invoiced the next day. When I asked for my invoice, I was told by the seller that she was going to attempt to sell the jsk for MORE than what she quoted me as the price, and that if it did not sell by that night that I would be able to purchase it from her. I tried to contact her the next day and checked the sales page she made on egl comm sales and no one had purchased the jsk, but she still did not reply to me. I was contacted by someone else who was interested in purchasing the same jsk 2 days after the time in which the Seller told me the jsk would be mine for the purchase, since they were having communication issues as well. 5 days later total, The seller tells me she sold the jsk to someone else. I thought this whole transaction was very unproffesional from this seller! I can understand that things happen to make it difficult to use your computer but I am not even sure if she really meant to selll it to me by the times she claimed.
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