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eglfeedback's Journal

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EGL Community Sales feedback database
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Welcome to eglfeedback, sister community to egl_comm_sales and egl! Please read the following rules before posting to this community. Thanks and happy shopping!

ATTENTION! If you're looking for a feedback page, you can use the calendar [e.g. July, June, May, April] and then through your internet browser search function - ctrl+f or cmnd+f - search for the username.

PLEASE NOTE : We cannot make feedback pages for people under their facebook name. Please create yourself a livejournal account so we can create your page.

Community Rules

    1. All comments must correctly follow this format.
    Words are very much encouraged. If you want, you can leave a number-based rating on a scale of 1 to 5, but please describe your experience as well! If you're not sure what kind of feedback to leave, please see our guidelines.

      **PLEASE NOTE : we recently added the line "Did the transaction take place via PM?". The reason we added this is because sometimes users contact people by PM without commenting on their post. It makes it hard for us because we always have to ask if the transaction took place via PM. IF YOU COMMENTED ON THE BUYER/SELLER'S POST, even if it's just "PM'd", then do NOT answer "yes" to the question.

      ✩I am the Buyer✩
      ❤ Type of Feedback: [Positive, Negative, or Neutral]
      ♡ Did the transaction take place via PM? Yes/No
      ❤ Communication: 0/5
      ♡ Accuracy of item description: 0/5
      ❤ Was the item shipped when agreed upon?: 0/5
      ♡ Packaging: 0/5
      ❤ Overall experience: 0/5
      ♡ Additional comments: [comments about this transaction]
      ❤ URL: [copy & paste original sales URL]

      ✭I am the Seller✭
      ♡ Type of Feedback: [Positive, Negative, or Neutral]
      ❤ Did the transaction take place via PM? Yes/No
      ♡ Communication: 0/5
      ❤ Payment time: 0/5
      ♡ Overall experience: 0/5
      ❤ Additional comments: [comments about this transaction]
      ♡ URL: [copy & paste original sales URL]

      ★We Traded★
      ❤ Type of Feedback: [Positive, Negative, or Neutral]
      ♡ Did the transaction take place via PM? Yes/No
      ❤ Communication: 0/5
      ♡ Accuracy of item description: 0/5
      ❤ Was the item shipped when agreed upon?: 0/5
      ♡ Packaging: 0/5
      ❤ Overall experience: 0/5
      ♡ Additional comments: [comments about this transaction]
      ❤ URL: [copy & paste original trade URL]

      ✪ I am the Shopping Service ✪
      ♡ Type of Feedback: [Positive, Negative, or Neutral]
      ❤ Communication: 0/5
      ♡ Payment time: 0/5
      ❤ Overall experience: 0/5
      ♡ Additional comments: [comments about this transaction]
      ❤ URL: [Original services page URL]

      Guide to Filling Out the Forms

      Marks Out of 5
      0/1 being the lowest score, felt you were dissatisfied in this area
      5 being the highest, they fulfilled expectations or beyond.

      Subject Box
      Remember to put what type of feedback you are leaving. It maybe obvious it is positive but sometimes people leave good feedback with a slight unhappy comment in the 'Additional Comments' section, It could still in actual fact be a neutral. Same goes for unhappy feedback, they could either be neutral or negative.

      Provide the original link to the transaction. If you used them as a Shopping Service** or through PM from their original post, give us that post where you found them/the item.

      Additional Comments
      Did they not communicate much but still give a satisfactory service? Were they a bit slow in sending the item out though they kept in good communication? These comments not only help the mods but other potential users to figure if they would like to deal with this person again or understand that this person does certain actions through their sales etc. Additional comments are a very helpful area and even just a short sentence could make a difference to how people look at the feedback.

    **If you are a shopping service: Your shopping service must have an advertisement post in egl_comm_sales to which you can link back when giving or receiving feedback. Without such an "anchor page" you are ineligible for feedback in this community. A post in your private journal, or a website, does not count.

    2. Be honest when giving feedback.
    In order to keep feedback accurate, be as detailed as possible. This means the good and the bad. If there are any things you are uncertain about, please mention them so others can make up their own mind about it.

    3. Try to resolve any issues among the buyer/seller first, if that does not work out please contact a moderator.
    In any case of doubt, contact the moderating team through the report center.

    4. Provide proof when posting neutral or negative feedback.
    Help the community with thorough explanations, links to transactions, screencaps and further proofs why you feel a neutral or negative is warranted.

    5. Only leave feedback when the transaction is really done.
    Don't leave negative feedback in order to get something done. Don't leave negative feedback to 'punish' someone if you are unsatisfied.

    6. Do not leave retaliatory feedback.
    When you have received neutral or negative feedback, and you leave a neutral or negative to the other person to spite them, this is called "retaliation". We do not tolerate feedback of this kind.

    7. Please leave feedback in English.
    This is an English speaking community. Sorry for any inconvenience, but feedback that most people cannot understand is not useful.

    8. Please only leave feedback for transactions initiated through egl_comm_sales on posts made by one of the transaction partners.
    This is not a general livejournal or lolita feedback community. If you purchased something through the community sales, through an ebay auction advertised on the community sales, through a commissioner or shopping service advertised on the community sales etc then that's fine. Real life meetings, other forums transactions or other livejournal communities are not valid feedback. Furthermore, feedback may only be left for sales made via posts made by one of the transaction partners (buyer or seller). Feedback may not be left for transactions occurring on third-party posts.
    If the egl_comm_sales post you try to leave feedback for appears to have been deleted, please contact a moderator before leaving feedback.

    9. If you wish to dispute negative/neutral feedback, reply to the feedback indicating this.
    If you believe you were left feedback unfairly, please reply to said feedback indicating you would like to dispute it. Then a moderator will step in and ask both parties for further information, and make a conclusion (this sometimes involves group moderator discussions, so please, be patient.)

    10. Please do not delete comments.
    It is not allowed to delete feedback comments. Since the last livejournal update, users can edit their comments until someone replies to them. If you made a mistake in your feedback or any other kind of comment, please check it in time and edit it yourself. If someone has already replied to your comment so you can't change it anymore, please just make another reply correcting your mistake. In no case you should just delete any comments, especially no feedback. If you wish to take back a feedback you left, please contact a moderator first, they will be able to screen your feedback comment if necessary.

    NOTE: In order to sell on the egl_comm_sales community, you are required to link to your feedback post in eglfeedback. If you don't have such a post yet, request one HERE.

    If you see that someone is in violation of the rules or if you have any problems that you would like to report to the moderation team, please do so in the post linked below. While you must be logged into the account you use for this community, your identity will be kept private. All comments are screened, and all return comments from the moderation will be screened as well.

    The moderation team can't see everything all of the time, and so we always appreciate your help in identifying problems so that we can set them to rights.

    Anonymous Report Center

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There's something wrong with my feedback page! What do I do? How did this happen?
    Please leave a comment on your feedback page outlining the problem and we will fix it. Problems can arise due to any small error in filling out your request form; we use an automated system, so it can misunderstand easily. The other problem is human error.
    I want some external links added to my feedback page.
    As above, please leave a comment on your feedback page. We will screen it after adding the links.
    I'm planning on changing my username/have changed it recently. What do I do?
    Again, leave a comment on your page clearly outlining your old name and your new name.
    I have some feedback on my page which hasn't been added for ages...what's wrong?
    We manually approve all feedback, so it can take some time. However, we have noticed some notification problems. If you have un-counted feedback comments that are 2 months old or more, please message the eglfb account.
    Do I have to have the neutral/negative tag if I receive a neutral/negative? Will it ever get taken away?
    Yes, you have to have it, and no, it won't get taken away.
    I've spotted an error on someone's page/I've spotted a duplicate page. What do I do?
    Please leave a comment on the page with any relevant links; It would be very much appreciated.
    What is a URL and how do I give you one?
    A URL is the address of a web page, and can be found at the top of your internet browser; it takes the format of http://www.livjournal.com, for example. To provide this in your sales post, simply copy all of the URL by highlighting it, right clicking, and press copy. Then paste it into your feedback.
    What if I can't find the URL for my transaction/it was done through PM?
    You should have some point of reference from egl_comm_sales, and if you cannot provide this, the feedback is not valid. For example if it is a commission or shopping service, there should be a post on ECS where you saw them advertise their services that you can link to.
    My sale took place on ECS but I can't find the post! What do I do?
    LJ has a very useful function called sort by poster at the top of every community. Simply type in the persons name and every post they have made will appear. If for some reason, you cannot find the post you seek after doing this and you do not have screenshots, then I'm sorry but the feedback is not valid.

    egl is owned and managed by egladmin.
    Please forward any questions or concerns to the administrator.

    The eglfeedback Moderator Team
    If you want to know a little more than just their names, you can check out the Meet the Mods Post! ^_^


    Interested in becoming an EGL Feedback moderator? Please see the current status of our recruitment and apply here.

    Please note this community is for the enjoyment and celebration of Gothic Lolita fashion and its various branches. We do not endorse ANY form of sexual activities involving adults and children underneath the legal age of the respective provinces, states, and political bodies which comprise the membership of this community.

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